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26 Aug L-Lashes!!

OMG, L-Lashes!

You know, I haven’t been excited about finding something new in a long time. I do have some fun and exciting things in the works, like studying up and learning how to do Volume Lashing (more to come), and trying to make this nifty hand contraption that will hold lashes on top of my hand to make application faster and easier. Other than those things, not much has been so quickly exciting to me…

Until L-Lashes!



There are so many different kinds of lashes out there. Whenever I peruse various sites, it’s like I’m bombarded with all of them. Obviously, there are differences in length and thickness. But there are also curvature

differences. Lash Curvatures with letters like J, B, C, D, L, U.. and then lashes I don’t like, like Y, W, X. Over the years, I’ve bought and used a ton of them. I took pride in the fact that I had so many options to offer clients to customize their look (even though 80% of clients are in the same realm of lash needs). But really I had so many options because I just wanted to try them all.

Well, I finally invested in the L-Lash. The L!!!!!! So, this lash shape is designed for lashes that grow downward. You might see that type of lash most on Asian or Hispanic ladies. The ladies with downward sloping lashes are challenging because no matter what curvature lash I put on them, it doesn’t pop up. So, I’d try to attach a D lash



(which is pretty dang curly) to a straight downward pointing lash. The problem with that is that you’re trying to attach a curved item to a straight line. Very little of the 2 items will actually meet up. That means they aren’t going to adhere as well. Which means greater loss, less happy clients, etc. The times I would attach it better, it still wouldn’t pop up very much.  
I could try super long U or D lashes to get a better attachment, but honestly, I just don’t find those as attractive.
So, I tried it. I tried the L.

Let me explain my client’s lashes. She’s been a client of mine since before I had my daughter. Something like 7 years? Anyway, as a lash client now, I’ve had to endure the torture that is her lashes. I like to give her lashes names. It’s sort of like that scene in Joe Dirt where he’s rattling off the names of firecrackers. Except it’s her lashes: plaid, crooked, topsy turvy, flippity dippity, wonky twist, shorts mixed with downward dips, upside down screws, you name it, she has that lash. All mixed in together, and all crazy. I curse continuously doing her lashes and wonder why I have to have the difficult clients. Then I remember that I love her and that she deserves beautiful lashes too. So, I wipe off the sweat and keep trying. But when I used the L-lashes on her last week, they went on like butter, and you could actually see them popping up! I’ll post pictures soon, after another fill, when she gets fuller and the whole design is redone.



The L-lashes are straight near the bottom anchor bead edge and then have a slight curve and straighten out for the length. It’s like a capital letter L shape, but with less of a straight edge 90° angle and more of a rounded 80° angle. With these lashes, the anchor-bead edge attached super well and then the lash just popped up. I could actually see her new lashes! So, now that I know it works, we can try various design ideas. I may not have to go longer in length and maybe I can get her to have lashes that can be seen over the pupil. It’s all very exciting! And as a nice bonus, I didn’t sweat or curse as much while doing her lashes!