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07 Aug Intro to Haute House Lash & Beauty Blog


Brooke Ornelas, Owner Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar

Brooke Ornelas, Owner
Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar

I am a licensed Esthetician of 8 years, specializing in Lash Extensions since 2009. I love skincare, makeup, fashion, Medspa treatments, healthy living, and generally looking pretty. I believe women should highlight their best features, should care about their appearance, and look as great on the outside as they feel on the inside. I’ve immersed myself in all things beauty related, including the science and chemistry behind it. I have studied chemistry and physiology, and at one point even made my own skincare products using herbs I grew myself. I was later intrigued by plant extracts. So much so that I assisted a Botanist in his plant dilutions, extractions, and sourcing botanicals from all over the world to lead classes on Natural Perfumery. I’ve traveled to about 35 countries trying out beauty treatments, spas, bath houses. I’ve visited Rose Gardens in Bulgaria to source Rose Extract, Spice Plantations in India, Turkish Baths in Istanbul, Baths in Budapest, and a number of different spas to see what other women are doing to find their own happiness. I have such a passion for the beauty industry, finding new methods and ways to improve my skills and grow my business. I hope to continue expanding this knowledge, study up, and share new interesting topics with you, as often as being a single mama allows me to.

Jennifer Casillas-Milligan, Manager Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar

Jennifer Casillas-Milligan, Manager
Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar

I have been working in the salon and spa industry for over a decade. I’ve done pretty much everything but become a cosmetologist or an esthetician. Management, guest services, operations, HR, you name it – it’s probably been my responsibility at some point. I’ve worked for and with all different kinds of places; from spas to salons, cosmetology schools, small privately owned to large corporatized multi-locations, booth rental, and over a dozen different product brands in 3 different states. I have always been passionate about this industry. To play the particular role that I have, has been a perfect way to blend my wild creative side with my nerdy business side. The beauty world is always changing, giving me the opportunity to challenge myself and learn new things constantly. I also have a background in writing and was a freelance writer for a newspaper in Florida. I am excited to share my experience and continued growth within this industry.

  • Maybe you’re a consumer interested in trying a new beauty service or product, but want to make a more informed decision before you take the plunge.
  • Maybe you’re a fellow beauty maker seeking new tips and tricks to try out.
  • Maybe you’re just a lover of all things beauty and want to soak it up like a sponge!
Either way, we’ve got you covered!
This is a place to tell all our secrets to – what works and what doesn’t, what is safe and what isn’t, what we love and what we hate! 🙂
It’s a way for you to hopefully learn more about services, products, even customer service related things.. as well as any other fun stuff we find along the way!