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frequently asked questions

What can I expect when getting a full set of lash extensions?

We apply individual one-to-one lash extensions, no cluster lashes. We carry 12 different lengths, 5 different curvatures, 6 different thicknesses, standard synthetic, synthetic silk, and real mink. Most of the lashes we carry are black, but we do also carry dark brown and fashion colors in a smaller selection of lashes.

A full set is generally a 2 hour appointment. After an initial consultation where we look at pictures, talk about your lashes and your desires, we’ll begin. A full set is roughly 70-80 lashes per eye (80-95 with the owner). We do not count lashes for pricing purposes, it is for informative purposes only.

Please arrive without eye makeup. If you wear contacts, you will want to take them out before your appointment begins. We now use a nebulizer to cure the lashes so that you may get them wet within a few hours after your appointment. (see our blog for more details)

How fast will I lose my lash extensions?

There are 2 ways that you lose lashes:

a.) The average person, whether they have lash extensions or not, loses 25-30% of their natural lashes in a 2-3 week period. So when your natural lash sheds, it takes the extension with it. It may feel like you are losing more natural lashes than normal. Probably not. You are just more aware of it. Your natural lash isn’t that big. We are adding 4-5mm to your lashes, as well as girth! You will see them, in the bathroom sink, on your pillowcase, etc. – it’s totally normal!

b.) The other way you lose lashes is through the breakdown of adhesive. This is usually from oil or from rubbing and touching the lashes. Be sure that your cleanser is oil-free, and no rubbing of the eyes! When clients have oily skin or seem to have some issues with keeping their extensions, we try to work with them to see what the problem is and how we can remedy it.

As a result, most people come in at 2-3 week intervals for a fill appointment. Several clients come in at 4 week intervals. This choice is subjective based on your desires and how full you prefer to look. If you decide to go longer between appointments, just know that a 1 hour standard appointment may not get you back to full, and you may want to consider scheduling a longer appointment.

I already have lashes on. Can I make an appointment for a fill or do I need to make an appointment for a full set?

Honestly, that is up to you. As eyelash extensions become more prevalent in the market, we often have ladies calling to have their lashes fixed or just need to change stylists for some reason. We are completely happy to have you come in for a fill appointment if you already have lashes on. Keep in mind, a fill is a one hour appointment. What that means is that you will have around 40-50 lashes applied per eye. That is not a full set. If you come in with only a few lashes remaining per eye, you will not leave full.

Frequently, ladies come in with poorly applied lashes from a different establishment. During your fill appointment, we will need to fix some of the poorly applied lashes. This may include using some of your fill appointment time to attempt to separate the bad lashes from the natural lashes before starting reapplication.

What do you do when clients come in with eyelash extensions on already?

First, we’ll look at your lashes and see whether they have damage from previous applications or whether the lashes are in fair condition. We will separate and remove any of the lashes that have grown out too much, or that might look a little kooky. This step is crucial and yet has many variables to it. If you have great lash extensions, we will just separate what’s needed (the lashes that have grown out too much) and get started on re-lashing. If you have lashes that are bound together with adhesive from a bad application, we will determine the following things:

a.) just how bad the previous application was
b.) whether it is best to remove them and start over
c.) whether we can separate and remove some of the stuck together lashes and continue with the re-lash
d.) whether we should leave some of the bad ones on, remove what we can, then continue with the re-lash

Know that dependent on the condition your current lash extensions are in, this will determine how your refill goes. No matter what, the appointment is still one hour. The time spent attempting to remove and separate your previous poorly applied extensions will take time away from the re-lash.

Keep in mind, If they are severely damaged, you may have to have a removal. You can always come for an initial free consultation. It’s 15 minutes and we can wiggle through your lashes and give you an idea of what’s going on.

If I decide to just go with a fill, how long will it take until my lashes are all Haute House lashes?

That depends on the state of your current application. Some clients are able to have all our lashes in 2 fills, which would be about 1 month. Some clients, it may take longer. Either way, you will see an immediate difference, for the better, in the first appointment.

I have allergies to mascara and eyeshadow. Will I have a problem?

It’s hard to say. Our adhesive is a medical grade adhesive that is made in the US from a company out of Chicago, called The Lashe. The strength of the adhesive is directly related to the solvent content of the adhesive. What that means is that the more aggresive the adhesive, the stronger the solvent (fume) content. We have found, what we believe, to be an awesome blend of strength to solvent content. 95% of our clients do not have any allergies to the adhesive. If they do develop allergies it doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, it develops over time – 6 months down the road, 10 months down the road. The adhesive does have carbon black in it for pigment, if that is something you’ve been allergic to in the past with mascaras or eyeshadows, you may have an allergy to that. Sometimes, an allergy isn’t even from the adhesive, it is from the sticky backing on the under-eyepads. So, the first thing we try to remedy the situation is to change the under-eyepads. We can also apply a cortisone cream or have you take an antihistamine after application. Another option is to change adhesives to an adhesive without rubber or an adhesive without rubber and without the carbon black. Of course we could also remove the lashes, but honestly, that is a rare request.

How do the lashes come off? What if I want them removed?

Removal is $35 and a 30 minute appointment. You can have them removed or just wait for them to fall off. You can help that process along by rubbing them with baby oil or olive oil.

Can lash extensions cause damage to my natural lashes?

The extensions can cause stress on the eyelashes. Generally, damage is caused from poor application. This is why we pride ourselves on a clean and precise application. Wearing extensions that are too large for your lashes can cause undue stress on your follicles. We recommend a design that works best to maintain the health of your natural lash. The natural lashes that you are born with are the building blocks of your new lash look. Their health is extremely important. We recommend a growth serum that helps to keep your lashes as strong and healthy as possible. Sometimes we recommend taking breaks annually, but that’s up to the client and/or technician. Clients with reduced calorie diets or protein deficient diets may experience more loss than other clients and need to take more frequent breaks.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a credit card hold for all Full Set appointments. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be charged 50% of the service total. If you fail to show up for your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the service total.

Please remember that facial waxing and lash tinting are only 15 minute appointments. If you are running late for one of these services, you may need to be rescheduled.

We implement this policy to protect our staff. Thank you for your understanding!