15 Aug Don’t Be Afraid of the First 48! A New Way to Get Your Lashes Wet Sooner!


The first 48 has a whole different meaning in the lash world, but it has played an equally important role as the TV show suggests. That is, until nebulizers were discovered.

What is a nebulizer? In the medical field it helps deliver a mist of medicine into the lungs. So what purpose would this serve in the lash world you might ask? A lash nebulizer delivers a very fine mist of distilled water to your lashes. What this means is that by getting your lashes wet, it is actually curing them pretty much instantly.

“But I thought getting my lashes wet in the first 48 hours was a cardinal sin, and would surely get me in trouble with my beloved lash stylist!?”
Ordinarily, yes! The lash adhesive takes a couple days to fully cure on it’s own. (The Cyanoacrylate adhesive cures in the presence of Hydrogen, which it harvests from the air.) Water, H20, therefore acts as an accelerant, so if you were to submerge your lashes in water it would cure them right away. The problem with that is, when your hair gets wet the individual strands stick together. (That’s because of the polarity of H20). Just like the hair on your head, when placed under a shower or faucet, it clumps together. If your lashes get stuck together from water, the adhesive will cure them and keep them stuck like that till they fall out. This will cause your lashes to look and feel clumped together, which can even be painful at times.

Brooke misting the lashes with the nebulizer

Brooke misting the lashes
with the nebulizer

The trick with the nebulizer is that a fine, light mist is sprayed onto your lashes. This cures the lashes without them sticking together. This throws the 48 hour rule right out the window.. along with your swimming goggles, visor, or any other methods you use to shower without getting your lashes wet! 🙂

Some other bonuses about the nebulizer:

  • Your lash stylist will do it for you! So you are not given the daunting task of figuring out where to buy one and how to use it. We will do it at the end of your lash appointment, brush through the lashes, and make sure they’re good to go before you even leave the building!
  • It cuts down on irritation! If you are one of those people with heightened sensitivity to the adhesive, this is a great option for you. The fine mist is soothing for watery eyes or burning sensations.
  • And, of course, the obvious – you can get them wet later that same day! We have so many clients active in sports, swimming, bikram yoga, etc. This just makes it even easier for you to wear lashes without really having to change your routine.
Post-misting, before lashes have dried

Post-misting, before lashes have dried

As far as the nebulizer’s affect on those having a true allergic reaction to the adhesive.. we are still waiting to see what sort of baring it has. It would seem a logical theory that curing them instantly would lessen the reaction time. We will be sure to update the blog as we put that theory to the test!