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Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar specializes in individual and volume Eyelash Extension application. We focus on the precise application and customization of each set of lash extensions. We carry 12 different lengths, 6 different curvatures, 8 different thicknesses, standard synthetic, synthetic silk, volume and genuine mink lashes. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful look that is clean and meticulous from full on glamour to a beautiful natural effect.

Brooke Ornelas

Owner, Certified Master Lash Stylist & Esthetician
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“Established in 2013, Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar is the expansion of Wink Lash & Skin Studio. Haute House is an elegant yet fun space where I train and specialize in the application of eyelash extensions. This business is the follow up to Wink Lash, a private studio, that just wasn’t large enough to carry the demand for my beautiful lash extensions. Haute House is your destination for beautiful lash extensions that don’t look contrived or overdone. Yes, some of us want and yearn for true glamour.. and I want to give it to you! But I also want you to look stunning, elegant and natural at the same time. No ostentatious, garish, plastic looking lashes here!

With the addition of Chelsea in our Wash House, Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar is now able to provide you with the whole package. Chelsea is an accomplished Hair Stylist that will exceed your personal hairstyle desires. The goal of Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar is to provide you a personal and elegant space where you can become the beautiful, dazzling person you are!” – Owner, Brooke Ornelas